Thursday, June 6, 2013


Ahhhhh....I need a tutor for blogging,  help!!!   Clearly I have failed miserably in this little thing called blogging.  I do in fact have quite the busy life, but there is absolutely no excuse at all as to why I have posted 1 blog.   In my defense I have totally lacked time for even reading blogs.   There are many days that I am feeling accomplished when I have had a shower and all children are fed and clean.  ALOT has gone on in the past year, well tons actually.   The most life altering event is that we now have Adriel and Adonis full-time (looooong story)  all I can say about the situation is that I have never felt more blessed in this world than being able to tuck all 3 of my lil hooligan children into bed everynight and see each and everyone of their bright little faces in the mornings.   I can't remember what I ever did before them, I have no idea how I had any entertainment in my life.   Jillian----OMG!!!!!   Whoever said that the terrible two's are awful ....definately never heard of the "trying three's"  I am convinced that 3 is just the age that is sooooo bad nobody wants to talk about it.   The fits, the tantrums, the tattling, the "mine" is all enough to make ya want to pull your hair out on a daily basis.   But with that I can't help but enjoy the lil lady she is becoming, she is such a girly girl!!!   I know that when she is quiet we have a usually means that she is somewhere with her "make-up," which really means a tube of lip gloss or chapstick.   The other day we came home form the pool and my lil mixed darling....ya know she tans super fast, so I go in her room and she is standing in front of her floor length mirror butt naked checking out her tan lines!!!!!  All she can say is "mommy whats wrong with my butt?"  She is a mess!!!!   Her days are spent playing with her "friends" and drawing absolutely anything she can.   I find torn up itty bitty pieces of paper everywhere which to most people seem like trash, however for my Jilli they are cookie recipes, and don't you dare get caught throwing them away!!!!   Just today she walked up to me and told me she had a secret "mommy I love you sooooo much"   it's things like this that make all the tantrums, crying, whining and tattling all worth it.  As far and me and Marc go well with 3 kiddos in the house fulltime we are being questioned alot about getting married....ahhh!!!!!   They are really putting the pressure on.......but it may seem strange I am just not the one who has dreamed of her fairy tale wedding and such.   We have what we have it works for us and ultimately is a piece of paper really going to change anything???   (later blog planned for this topic)  The boys are doing EXCELLENT!!!!!!!    Adriel starts playing football nest week and I don't know jack-squat about this.......but I have a feeling I may learn quickly.  Just please don't let me be the crazy momma running out to the field beating up the big kid that threw him like a football!!   (I have a feeling Marc will ban me form football activities at some point)  Adonis well he is still the bundle full of energy he has always been, he just completed preschool and is enjoying his summer of pool time.   It is amazing to me that he starts Kindergarten in just a few weeks....this is enough to make me cry.   And I don't even want to accept I will be going down this road with Jilli in 2 years time.   I just want them to stay little forever!!! 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Lets Get started

So I set this blog up almost a year ago, but I was completely blog stupid  overwhelmed by all of the blog lingo.  So here it goes, I have recently started staying home with Jillian (reasons to follow in later blog), and LORD I don't know how these stay at home moms do it!!!!   I love this child to death and would not trade a minute of time with her, but lord the 2 year old fits and tantrums...oh my!!!!!  I am pretty sure this is due mostly in part to her constant need for drama, I have never met such a theatrical child at such a you age.  Every second of the day with Jillian is a party.  And I am in fact one of "those" parents I have always talked about, I cave in to keep her quiet in public settings, she had a bottle WAY longer than needed, and YES she did in fact sleep in the bed with me til a few weeks ago...and still sporadically.  I have discovered that it is so easy to say things until you are a parent yourself.  I am very aware that she is my first child, and I have learned lots, so mistakes have been  All I can do is sit back and find amusement in these situations now.  At it stands now, my entire day revolves around Jillian and what she wants and as much as I miss adult conversation at times, I would not trade a second of it for anything.  This week we also have the boys, which most people may think this involves more work but in fact Jillian lives for the Mondays that her "guys" come back.  I often wish I could tap into her mind and figure out what she thinks on the weeks they are at thier moms.  She loves these boys sooo much and she is certain they were put on this earth for her entertainment.  And god love them, they are so patient with her it is sweet.  Because honestly she drives them crazy in all the typical little sister ways.  And well no matter how much time she spends with me Jillian absolutely LOVES when her daddy comes home from work, I believe this is her favorite part of the entire day.  I grew up a daddys girl too, so I absolutely LOVE that she has this bond with her daddy too.   Well I guess that sums up my first post.  I really just wanted to get started somewhere and hoepfully in the future I can stay focused on one topic at a time.  (Don't hold your breath though, I am self-diagnosed ADHD)


She honestly seems to think her "beat" need propped up too.
This is a typical Friday night here after a "good" week at school.
(its the small things)